Monday, 26 January 2015

Lush Valentines Day Review

As some of you may or may not know I am a Lush addict and am obsessed with bath bombs and anything bath related. On January 9th lush released their valentines day ranch which came out surprising early and close to the Christmas collection. I decided to d a blog review on the pieces released for valentines to let you know what they are like and what my first impressions are, hope you enjoy.
So as you can see, the bath bombs I have wrapped in cling film for storage reasons but I will leave a picture from the lush website if you want to see them without.
So lets begin.........
The first thing you notice about the prince charming shower gel is that it has a very prominent grape fruit note in the scent in my opinion which is a very love/hate scent I have noticed when shopping at lush. I don't personally like the scent a lot of prince charming but I like how once you have used it on your skin it smells really florally and not grape fruity at all. The prince charming shower gel contains pomegranate juice which is astringent and cleansing, almond oil to hydrate your skin and hair and marshmallow root which will keep your skin silky soft.
Love Locket is quite possibly the biggest bath bomb you will ever encounter and I'm sure of it. Its nearly as big as my entire face. Love Locket is definitely a lush valentines day staple as it is s popular and I'm pretty sure it is released every year. I haven't tried this bath bomb yet but I bought two. I did this because as you can see in the picture above I wanted to break it in half as you are supposed to find a little miniature heart on the inside and this allows you to be able to use the bath bomb 2-3 times as it is so big but you could just indulge yourself and use the whole thing. The Love Locket bath bomb contains fair trade vanilla absolute which helps add a sweet and comforting smell, jasmine absolute to add floral and seductive notes and neroli oil which is uplifting and toning for the skin. 



Floating Flower bath bomb

My first impress of floating flower is that is that it isn't the sort of scent I would go for as it is very peculiar and strange but non the less it is still nice enough to use as a relaxing bath. I don't know what else I think of this bath bomb other then that at the moment as I haven't used it  but I will update this post once I have to let you know more of what I think about it. The floating flower bath bomb contains seductive and floral jasmine absolute, sweet, heady and floral ylang ylang oil and calming and toning cypress oil.

Unicorn Horn bubble bar

I'm pretty sure this as the most anticipated item from the valentines day collection this year as unicorn horn is a past valentines day product but hasn't been in a collection for a while so everyone was excited to hear this was being released. Firstly I think this is my favourite item as it smells straight up of lavender which is one of my favourite scents in anything. I did a little tester of this bubble bar as I bought three so I broke a bit of the top and tested it in my bath room sink. One thing I noticed was that they seem quite hard when trying to crumble them under the tap compared to other bubble bars so I had to swish it around the water with my hand to try encourage the bubbles and build them but once I did this there was a lot of bubbles and the scent was really strong on my skin from whishing it around in the water. It created a really nice lilac purple colour. The unicorn horn contains sweet, heady and floral ylang ylang, balancing and calming lavender oil and uplifting and toning neroli oil.

Heart Throb bubble bar

The heart throb bubble bar is a very fresh and relieving scent and its quite surprisingly a big bubble bar but I think like the normal permanent line of bubbleroon bubble bar things they are good for two baths really. Again like most things I haven't tried this in a bath yet but I can tell from just holding it that it is going to be super moisturising and cleansing for the your body and skin. This also shares its scent with African paradise body conditioner which is a permanent product. This contains frangipani absolute, moisturising organic shea butter, toning and balancing geranium oil and sweet and comforting air trade vanilla absolute.

Lonely Heart bubble bar

This bubble bar is another one of my favourite scents from the valentines day collection as it is citrusy and awakening which I am really liking at the minute. One thing I don't like about this bubble bar is that it seems really small for the price they are asking for, I feel like this would be enough for one and a half baths in total which isn't much for the price but never the less it still smells and feels nice. Plus it is covered in glitter which I cant wait to enjoy. The Lonely Heart bubble bar contains bergamot oil, rose absolute and lemongrass oil.

The valentines day collection also included a lip scub and lip tint but I wasn't really interested in lip care but I have to say the lip scrub smelt really nice.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Lush valentines day products and weather you have liked them or not.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Hey guys, I have been wanting to do this post for a long time and I cant believe I actually own one of these things, carry on reading you'll find what it is just bare with me haha. I seen these things across the board of the internet, all over twitter, all over youtube and other peoples blogs and it has kind of timed in with my resolution to slowly start introducing a more healthier diet to my lifestyle and I got sucked into the hype of this one, not what I usually like to do cause it ends bad very often but I just have been dying to try it and I gave in.
So what I have been talking about all this time is the Breville blend active smoothie maker, its basically an upgraded modern day blender put in its simplest form. Its a blender designed for on the go, good for someone who is on their feet all the time, like a person who works/study's in a town or a sporty person, who wants to eat healthy.  
This blender has a lot of features that make it unique and useful, like:
-You can just blend everything up inside it and go straight away, no mess, no fuss.
-It is easily portable so you can take it in the car with you or on a bike ride.
-The bottle's that are proved are durable and last for long time as they made of Copolyester.
- You can remove the blade once you have finished blending and it is safe to plop it into the washing machine.
- You can blend up ice cubes in it to make a nice, cooling iced drink, great for parties or cocktails.
What is included in the box:
1. You get two sporty style like lids for the bottles which are click close ones so you can hear whether it has closed properly.
2. You get the top that has the blades to blend up the contents which can be attached to the main machine part and can be unscrewed from the bottle itself to swap it with a lid.
3. You then get the main machine part of the blender which connects to the power supply pluck socket and has a one touch button to blend up the contents.
4. You get two bottles, in the instructions it has a picture showing you should have a 600ml bottle and a 300ml but I got two 600ml bottles which I don't really care about, it doesn't really bother me.
My first impressions of the device is that it seems so simple and easy to use, I even set it up just to see what it would look like and it was s easy and took about to steps to set up which is good. Also I love the sleek design and colour scheme as it makes it look very modern and fitting if get what I mean.
The box also says that it is 300w of power so blending up your contents will be done in lighting speed, they have also designed the bottles to be ergonomical, here comes my GCSE graphics design knowledge coming into play, this means that it will be easy and comfortable to hold in your hand as it has a slight curved in middle and slight ridges to allow your fingers to fit comfortably around it. Everything, apart from the electrical part obviously is machine washable and safe. One feature that I really like is that both the bottles have a measuring guide so you measure out exactly how much you want to be in there. The box also mentions that the bottle lids have an extra wide spout so you can drink thicker drinks from it.
I love that they have included some recipes for you to try in the instructions book.




You can go visit Creative Kitchen by breville to view more blend active recipes and over dish recipes to try at home.
Hope you enjoyed this post at let me know of any smoothie recipes you have tried and what you like to drink in the comments below, thank you.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

My face/skin care routine

Hey guys, I have been wanting to do this post for a long time but haven't really been able to as my face/skin care routine hasn't been exactly how I want it and my skin has not been very good. I have finally come up with a routine that suits my skin and keeps it clean and fresh all day and all night. I love trying out new products also, luckily my skin doesn't react much if I change any part of my skin care routine around so I can try out new products and things pretty easily. I hope you enjoy.

Morning Routine

To start of my face routine in the mornings I wash my face and neck with the Boots tea tree and witch hazel foaming face wash to clean my face of any oil and dirt. If need be I wipe down my eyes and face to make sure all the dirt and oil is gone. I have recently started using the Lush Eau roma water that I spritz on my face before I apply my moisturiser or after a facemask or face scrub. It really helps to keep your skin hydrated and if you have sensitive skin and it gets very red and irritated this really helps to calm down your pores and skin and get it back to a calm normal state thanks to the gentle rose and lavender waters.
Like I mentioned earlier I like to use wipes to make sure I have cleared all the dirt from my face, I like to use Simple cleansing wipes which I have always used because they are the best wipes I have ever tried and they are made for sensitive skin which is perfect for my face especially around my T-zone area. Plus they always have an offer one them which is a bonus. I then move onto applying moisturiser to my face and neck. I currently have swapped over to using Nivea light moisturising day cream after finding that the simple light moisturiser had stopped having a good effect on my skin as I had been using it for a long time. The Nivea moisturiser is really nice as it is really light, great for people with oily skin, but keeps your face super moisturised and far from dry. I recently got a sample of a moisturiser from lush called Celestial which I am trying out as I am currently trying out different moisturisers to find a good one and it is nice and light and moisturisers and keeps your skin looking fresh all day but for my skin is a bit to greasy feeling, something I find a lot with most moisturisers from lush. As you can see in the picture of the cosmetic lad moisturiser which a lush staff member recommended to me but I found it a bit to strong for my skin. But I like to use it is my skin is very, very dry or on a night out as it ensures me that my skin will instant gain lots of moisture and hydration straight away and last for ages.
 again I recommend this to anyone who has very dry and you only need a small amount so a pot of this is small but lasts a long time. I have a tub of E45 which I like to use if I have irritated skin on both my face and body like eczema as it is unperfumed so it is great at calming your skin and getting rid of dryness quickly.

A new recent purchase find that I have added to my morning and night routine is the cleansers from lush. I first purchased and tried one of these which was the Buche de noel cleanser back in December 2014 and it came from the Christmas collection and I'm pretty sure this comes out every year but fell in love with the scent and when I tried it, it did wonders to my skin both in get rid of dryness and blackheads even with just one use which amazed me as I have never had such a good experience with a product as this. As this product is from Christmas and only lasts about three months from when it is made I knew I had to get a permanent replacement until it is released again for Christmas this year. I got recommended the Angels on bare skin cleanser which is available all year round. She told me that it has a similar formula to buche de noel just with a different scent which I still loved as it is very lavenderary but a natural garden lavender scent not a made up lavender scent which I loved also and I am looking forward to trying it out. I like to use this cleanser in the evening before I go to bed and I tend to use it about three days a week just because my skin is sensitive around my t-zone so I don't want to use it often.

When it comes to using facemasks and scrubs and deep cleaning type products I  like to swap between the types, like I mentioned earlier I have a skin type that allows me try out lots of new products without having much of reaction to the change. So because I cant decide I sometimes have a face scrub which could either be my lush cleanser or my St ives apricot scrub which is my holy grail product, life without this would be a living hell especially when I have severe breakout issues and bad blackheads. This just swipes my face effortlessly clean and glowing and I never stop using it. Again if I was to use for a week I would only use it 2 or 3 times just because I am careful not to irritate my skin to much. I then sometimes use face masks like Montagne Jeunesse, Avon planet spa and boots tea tree and witch hazel which are all really relaxing and great on the skin for a little mini pamper session treatment.

So that's it for my skin care routine I hope you enjoyed it at let me know in the comments down below what is your holy grail product when it comes to skin care and your face routine.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My shoe collection

Hey Gus, So this is my first post for 2015 and I didn't want to do anything extravagant so I thought I would do something that I love looking at myself which is shoe collections especially on you tube so here you go. I don't have many shoes compared to others but I have a good amount for me. Just a disclaimer I haven't pictured every shoe I own just because some are old, dirty and not something you want to see hahaha and plus I don't think anyone will be interested in my work shoes and shoes I wear around the house. 






Rihanna for River Island

Rihanna for River Island


TK max ( TJ max if your american)

Primark, got them in a black and a metallic colour

Underground, left are the Apollos and right are the wulfruns. LOVE THEM
 Get the wulfruns here

 Get the apollos here

Dr Martin x Agyness Deyn, dont mind my toe :D

Birkenstock Rios, cant wait for summer

Get the Birkenstock Rios here

I know from looking at this it looks like I have a lot of heels but I really dont its just the heels I have seem to be the only clean and nice looking shoes I have left in my wardobe hahhaa. Many of my flats have had it and need replacing but once I find a shoe that I love I tend to wear that and only that but oh well I am thinking of investing into a pair of timberlands but havent quite decided yet.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stayed tuned for more posts, thank you, I love you <3 <3 <3


Friday, 2 January 2015


2014 my year of tests, exams, changing, leaving, moving, rethinking, learning, spending, completeing, worrying, stressing, panicing, over-doing and blogging. 

All this accounts to my conclusion of my expericene in 2014, well apart from blogging as some of you may have guessed. My road with blogging as been bumpy and shameful. I have countlessly explained my reasonings for not being around and not updating my blog and still have left it like a ghost town without bothering to remember my promises to get it up and running. I know a lot of people hate it when a new start of the year arrives and feels like killing everyone for saying 'new year, new me'. But for me i dont care 2015 is a new year and there IS a new me. Quite rightfully there has to be a new me to save myself and overs around me like family and friends. Those list of words sound like I have done a lot over the course of 2014 but I havent and I find it very damaging both mentally and physical to myself and overs close to me. For me a 'new year, new me' shows myself I need a drastic change and im going to use my hobbies and life to help me change that and get a better health and lifestyle ( I write this while finishing of my box of maltesers but you got to get rid of your christmas stocking treats some how hehe)

I have really been inspired over the last month to kick start a new a change by many people, mainly youtubes like sammie from Beautycrush, Zoe from Zoella and Gracie from Ugly face of beauty. I love all three of these girls and they are a real inspiration and i am sure they are an inspiration to many other people. I love that all these girls have taken any negativitie and and passed it by and carried on doing what they love anad enjoying themselfs, something that really inspired me to do this change.

To conclude I hope you guys join me and like my posts and have fun reading any upcoming content I will be posting.

I will leave all my social network dets down below, if you want to get in contact with me i have a 'Contact me' tab at the top of my blog and cant wait to hear from you.