Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Winter Wishlist

Hey Guys, here is my Wishlist designed for the cold, windy months of winter but also keeping mind those endless winter/christmas party invitations. Hope you enjoy xxx

Winter Wishlist, Part 1
Brown Suede Mittens, ROKIT Vintage Clothing
Gold Diamonte Indian neclace, ROKIT Vintage Clothing

Nicholas Kirkwood 'prism' pump, Farfetch.com

Triangle body harness, Missguided

Velvet V back high neck peplum top, Boohoo

Renegade by Non Blonde

Olive green mesh tulle skirt, Chicwish

Laura strappy pom pom stilettos, Boohoo

Harley Cowl Sequin shift dress, Boohoo

Real feather Marabou bag, Topshop

MUSE Bone heel boots, Topshop

Friday, 11 September 2015

L'Occitane 5 oils Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying and testing a shampoo and conditioner combination from the amazing smelling brand, L'Occitane. They sell multiple different things to care for your skin  and hair but they also offer a range of fragrance's.

 I came a across some 50 ml sample size bottles of both the 5 oils repairing shampoo and conditioner and decided to test them out and let you know if they really are worth buying a full bottle size. Firstly before i start giving you my opinions and review on both products I will say L'Occitane is quite a pricey brand in terms of beauty products which is why I felt like a good review would be useful as nothing is worse then buying something expensive whether that be clothes or beauty products or anything in fact and its turns out to be rubbish, bad quality or cheaply made and so on, so lets get on with my opinions.

My first immediate opinion on the two products were that they smelt amazing, really fragrant and summery. But this made me a little sceptic as my skin is a little sensitive to products that contain parfum as its called in the ingredients list and makes me itch and gives me a reaction like eczema. So this instantly let my hopes down as the smell was quite strong. But when I read the ingredients list I did read that it contained perfume/fragrance but i also read that there is different oils, hence why the product is from the 5 oils range, which will contribute to the final smell of the product so that lightened my mood of the product a little bit. Also like how the bottle design, which the sample size has the same exact design as the full sized products just smaller obviously, is very simple and not to showy like a lot of drugstore shampoo brands and I like thatchy haven't got anything on there that is really trying to sell it of to you are things 'VOTED BEST SHAMPOO' or "MIRACLE IN BOTTLE' type of stuff which is a little refreshing haha. The design and colours is a very natural and led back look which suits the product itself as they have used natural ingredients like the oils in the products. Now I want to tell you how I got on trying and testing the actual shampoo and conditioner over the course of about two and a half weeks. 

So the first wash I used both these products I didn't really notice much dramatic change with my hair and it didn't feel like it did much but after the next couple of washes I started to notice my hair looked a lot shinier and just generally looked healthier. I didn't feel the need to plaster my in other products to make it look decent, all I had to do was dry it out which I normally I let my hair dry naturally if I have the time and brush through and it looked naturally sleek and neat which was really helpful for early mornings but nice as it made my hair look naturally perfect and flowing. Also I noticed it seemed to be good at taming those annoying fly aways and baby hairs which my hair is a common one for. 

One thing I like about the product, particularly the conditioner, is that even though it has different oils in it, it didn't feel oily and grease which I hate most conditioners for but this one felt light weight and creamy and just lifted my hair by the roots and nourished them and getting rid of any dryness and brittle ends. the found that the shampoo was very good and dissolve down any dirt and grease in my hair very quickly and I only required a small amount, another good point I look for in good shampoos. 

One thing I disliked was that the shampoo didn't lather up with foam as much as I liked which I know a lot of people hate this but it doesn't stop your hair from being washed well so it wasn't too big of a deal for me but it can annoy people, I know haha.

All in all I would defiantly recommend this shampoo and conditioner and it is defiantly worth the price same as other products from L'Occitane as the oils really nourish and enrich dry and overly heated hair that needs a repair but not a through deep conditioner or hair mask, just a daily top up type of thing. As long as your not expecting it make miracles and your hair to fixed straight, as I mentioned earlier I didn't notice a difference until the second and third wash as it is like I said not a deep conditioner product but it is defiantly more nourishing then a normal shampoo and conditioner. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful if you are looking for a new shampoo and conditioner and check out my other past blog posts.

Don't forget to share and leave a comment, Thank You xx

(Disclaimer: I was not paid to make this review and I didn't get these products for free from L'Occitane I paid for them myself and made this review on my own accord)

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Week #2

I haven't done one of these for a while and I loved doing the first one that I tried a while ago. So I thought I would do a special one this time for my summer holiday that i have just about finished ready before I go back to college.

Week #2- Summer Holidays






-1- During the middle of the summer holidays I went to a family friends house for a week to visit and spend some time away from home. It was perfect timing as well, as the sun was out every day and it was warm and bright which made my week better even more. Here I took a picture of a lake in the newly rebuilt shopping centre which looked really beautiful with the sun shining.

-2- I took this picture to show the start of my reinvented style. I had a big wardrobe clear out and sort out, creating outfits and styling pieces of clothing that had never been worn and I just thought a lot about my style and what I really like to wear and how I want to present myself. I was also at this time thinking and creating (in my head) a challenge for myself. I have been watching and following a lot of hijabi bloggers and reading up about their modern modest sense of style ethic which really interested me. I watch Dina Torkio on youtube a lot. It just made me come up with this idea of doing something like a 30 day modern modist challenge but more on that later.

-3- & -4- So a couple of weeks back I went to visit my dad for a week. I got to see there new springer spaniel puppy, Amy. She is the most bonkers dog I have ever met and she is always full of energy but she loved cuddling up in the evening on my lap and falling asleep. I also got to see their german shepherd who I love to bits. Her name is Lottie and she is the most beautiful dog I have seen and her temperament is amazing. She has a funny character as she always barks at people like the postman but as soon as they come close to her, she will act all happy and excited haha. 

-5- I made my first ever big purchase which I spent time saving up for and couldn't believe it when It arrived and absolutely love it to bits.

-6- I took a picture of my outfit from a recent shopping trip which I really loved. I got the outfit look from hijabi blogger, Dina Torkio which she wore. Hers was a green two piece with the white tunic whereas I picked up the black two piece and I wore mine with a pair of white Nike air force 1's to give the look a very 90's sporty look. 

I hope you liked this blog post and don't forget to comment below and share this post. I would love to here your thoughts and feelings and read what you guys have been up to on your summer holidays.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

# Resort 2016 breakdown #

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Hey Guys 
So here's my long awaited catwalk breakdown which I have testing and constructing for a while, hence the no show for a while cause I've been getting my act together on what i want to post of my blog but here it is and enjoy.

Resort 2016 is pretty much, on an open layout, categorized into two groups from my findings and research into the resort 2016 compilation of different designers collections. The bold, brights and plentiful to simplistic, empowering and ever so slightly androgynous. Collections like Bottega Veneta and Chanel express bright, flashy and exuberant colours like vermilion red, orange, yellow and neon pink, a classic evening sunset collection of colours but complementing them with luscious tropical inspird patterns which have been distorted with a geometric influence on them which creates a very contemporary pattern design. Whereas collections from Adam Selman, Tomas Maier and Burberry Prorsom present a more feminine shaped silhouette of smart wear such such as blazer jackets, fitted dresses and tailored trousers. These collections really conveyed a sense androgynous, womanly power but tied it down with an essence of boho style and carefree effort. They helped presetn this with a good eye for the colours and fabrics they used together. Finally rounding up my thoughts with the fabrics used in the resort 2016 collections is that designers used a lot of heavy looking, boxy fabrics which were then paired with slightly see-through fabrics adorning bead work in some collections which created a very unique contrast to say the least for a resort collection but it still looked wearable and casual.

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum

Adam Selman

Adam Selman



Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Byron Proper Hamburgers

 So on Monday I went to see my colleges end of year art exhibition and I decided to go out for something to eat after. I ended up wanting to go a burger joint so in my area the best burger joints to choice from are gourmet burger kitchen or Byron and in the end I decided to go to Byron as it just looked more inviting and interesting from the outside. 

 When we were seated I grabbed a simple diet coke to drink and to eat I decided on having the Lesmokey burger and a portion of French fries to go with it. I have to say this is the best burger i have had in ages the meat was cooked to perfection, Mine was cooked medium and it was done perfectly, who ever was cooking the meat is very good and the lettuce, bacon and sauce on the burger was also really and worked well together. I liked that the barbecue sauce had a little hint of spice to eat to give it a bit of extra flavour and detail. The fries were also great they were kind of like posh mcdonalds chips but they actually had a soft centre and crunchy outer haha. 

Another thing I loved about Byron was the plates and pots they used to serve the food on, i thought was very unique and really cute as the fries were served in little metal pots and so were the sauces. I also love that even though I didn't get one I saw that the milkshakes were served in these metal tall glasses with straws which again I thought was really unique and different.

Another point that I loved which isn't to do with the food is the interior of the restaurant which was another unique point about the restaurant. The front seating area wasn't that well decorated but around the back were I sat was really nice, the walls were covered with shelves which were stacked with plates, bowls and glasses and such and the toilets were really strange as the sink was all one big sink instead of separate different ones and the tap was like a little pipe with a nozzle to let out the water but all in all the interior was very shabby and artistic but simple at the same time.

I would defiantly recommend Byron if your a burger enthusiast or your looking for somewhere new and interesting to try out.

Go check out the menu on there website and start dreaming over all the deliciousness.

Byron website- www.byronhamburgers.com

Byron restaurant Locations- www.byronhamburgers.com/locations

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lookbook #1

Lookbook #1
Hey guys, this is my first ever look book and I was thinking I was going to do a look book series were I do a look book a couple of times a month or something because I love look books especially watching them on youtube. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Look -1

Outfit Details
- Dress- H&M
- Necklace- Topshop
-Shoes- Primark ( Alternative )

Look -2

 Outfit Details

- Maxi Shirt- Primark ( Alternative ) I have this alternative from Zara as well and I love it
- Flared leggings- New Look ( Alternative )
- Heels- H&M
-Crop Top- Rihanna for River Island ( Alternative )
-Jewellery- All Primark

Look -3

Outfit Details
- Skirt- Rihanna for River island ( Alternative )
- Top- Primark. This is new at Primark so it is still available to buy
-Jacket - I found this in a second hand shop but it is from Asos originally
- Sandals- Tamaris
All jewellery as before
Look -4


Outfit Details
- Jumper- Primark ( Alternative )
- Trousers- Cedric Charlier
- Coat- Primark
- Necklace- Avon
- Earring and Cuff set- Avon
- Heels- New Look
Make-Up Details
Lips- Mixture of both rimmel London kate moss lipsticks in shade 05 and 03
Checks- Mua blush in shade 02 and Mua undress your skin shimmer highlighter.
I also have recently been using Mac select cover up under my eyes recently mainly when I have eyeshadow on or doing an extreme make up look just make my skin look a lighter more flawless and fresh.