Closet confidential tag

Closet Confidential Tag

Hey Guys today I am going to do the Closet Confidential tag which as far as I know this Tag was created by Fleur De Force on YouTube. I decided to do this tag because I am going to base my blog around fashion so this tag is perfect for my blog. 

 1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet? 

This jumper has got to be the oldest item. My mum passed this down to me a couple of years back now. My mum used to where this when she was in hear late teens. I have no idea what the brand is but I absolutely love it.

2.What is the newest item?

My newest item is this kimono style throw over from H&M. This thing is so comfy and thin enough to wear during summer. The reason I bought this is because I love this is because of my recent addiction to geisha's and geisha fashion. I just cant stop searching geisha on tumblr. (I'm trying to learn Japanese now as well)

3.What is the most expensive item?

8 tie Docs from Dr Marten 

Wulfrun Creeper from Underground

My most expensive item is probably either my Doc's or my creepers from Underground. I have so many clothes and shoes that I have had for years that I have forget how much they actually cost but out of everything I'm pretty sure these two are one of the most expensive items in my wardrobe. As you can see my creepers were well worth the money because I have worn them to death and I still love them.

Link to my creepers on the Underground website

Link to my Doc's on the Schuh website

4.What is the cheapest/most affordable item?

The most afford item/s I have are my tank tops, especially as I get them from primark. I love these to layer with things and add some colour or layers. I love them that much that I have loads of different coloured ones, ones that a different material and even ones that have different types of straps and some that are loser fitting then others.

5.What is the biggest bargain?

These three items without a doubt are the biggest bargain I have in my wardrobe. I bought these three pieces off of ebay and I only paid 90% of the original price for each and I absolutely love them. I cant stop wearing the grey split skirt because it feels just like im wearing sweatpants but in a skirt form.

6.What was the biggest waste of money?

Even though I absolutely love these leather trousers, I have to admit I haven't worn them outside once in the time that I have them but I cant bare to let them go cause I love them to pieces. Luckily I got them on sale so I don't feel as guilty as I would if I paid for them full price. 


-What is the most common brand in your wardrobe?

The most common brand in my wardrobe would probably be river island purely because of my Rihanna for river island collection but my go to brand when shopping would be river island, primark and topshop.

-What are you most likely to grab if you are in a rush?

I love this bag to pieces and whenever I'm in a rush I grab this as it is the perfect size for me to just throw in the bare essentials like wallet perfume and so and so. Also I can just tuck the strap behind the inside pocket and I can use it as a clutch so it sort of acts as a day to night bag.

-What is your favourite bag?

This is my favourite bag purely because I love holographic. When I bought this I seemed to have a phase
where all I seemed to be interested in when it came to fashion was holographic prints and so on.

So this is my closet confidential tag and don't forget to leave a comment telling me what your favourite item is from my closet confidential tag, have a good day and thank you for visiting my blog page xxx


  1. I agree! enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thank you so much, let me know if there is any other fashion tags you want me to do xx


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