Sunday, 2 November 2014

A/W Winter Outfit

Hey Guys, So for what feels like forever I am finally doing an OOTD post and yes as you may have gathered I have slacked a little on the posting but I am back so ya hahahaha

Finally winter is a round the corner and I can confidently say I LOVE winter. I can start wearing big, fluffy coats and dabble around in my boots and cozy socks without a care. Not going to lye, I think I prefer winter over summer just because there so much of opportunity and variety in terms of fashion and clothing in winter then summer, you layer everything and not just tops, you can wear funky socks without people looking at you weirdly and you can fall asleep with a giant fluffy jumper on. Ok maybe I went a bit overboard there but you get my point.

Because I love A/W fashion so much I decided that I am going to document some of my favourite OOTD's of this 2014 A/W season. Hope you enjoy. xxxx

Outfit details

Jeans- Topshop Haydens

Coat- Primark, Alternative

Top- Primark, Alternative

Heels- Primark

Necklace- Primark, Alternative

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn/Winter Lush Haul

Hey Lovelys, So firstly I just want to say sorry about not posting for ages. I have been super busy with college so my blog has had to take a back seat along with my polyvore account and things like twitter and tumblr. But fnally I feel settled in and comfortable with college work and things like that so I will be regularly updating my blog and continuing my college series. So I hope you enjoy this post and i hope it gets you into the festive autumn and christmas mood.

Fairy Ring Soap
Fairy ring soap is a product from the Halloween collection which what I was most excited for. This soap is super adorable when you see the whole thing together. It looksw like a cute little mushroom fairy house. More on the mushrooms, this soap includes shiitake mushrooms. It my sound odd and horrible but the soap itself smells amazing and not of earthy mushrooms haha. Lush also say that the shiitake mushrooms help for better blood circulation and are also antibacterial. This soap also includes vetivert oil, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil, making it sounds floraly and warming.

 Wizard Bubble Bar
Wizard bubble bar is a very fresh smelling scent which is great for a nice bubbly morning wake up bath. I was told it is supposed to look like a wizards hat but for some reason im not quite sure on that haha. The bubble bar is covered in a silvery purple shimmer so if you hate having glitter all over you this is not the bubble bar for you but I must say compared to some other bubble bars and bath bombs this has consideraly less glitter on it. This bubble bar has juniperberry oil, fennel oil, ylang ylang oil and tangerine oil all mixed into it.

Sparkler bath bomb
This bath bomb was brought out for bonefire night, firework night whatever you want to call it which one of my favourite things ever. I also wanted to try the purple version of this called northen lights but unfortuntly the store i go to had sold so tough luck haha. But besides that this one smells absolutly amazing. At the beginning i iked the scent but still was alightly unsure and thought was average but of the past couple of days it has really, really grown on me and i am in love with it and can not wait to try it in my bath. The sparkler has sicilian lemon oil, rose oil, egyptian geranium oil and a touch of popping candy.

 Lord of Misrule
Lord of misrule is the ultimate bath bomb to put you into the halloween spooky mood thanks to the patchouli scent that lingers when you smell it and the green and red colour combination matches perfecty making it my favourite so far from the 2014 lush halloween collection. This bath bomb includes black pepper oil, patchouli oil and fair trade vanilla absolute.

Magic Wand
This is pretty much a lush stable when it comes to the christmas collection so i dont thing there is much need for me to explain about it. It is scented witht the same scent as snow fairy and is reusable just by swishing in the water to create lots of bubbles.

Golden Wonder
Golden wonder is not one of my favourties out of the ones I got just because i am not a massive fan of citrus (i am starting to like but some things i still dont like) but i just love the concept of this bath bomb and the colours which means i cant wait to try this. Golden wonder has sweet orange oil and lemon oil to create that citrusy feel.

So White bath bomb
So white bath bomb is just a load of appley goodness and makes you feel really girly. This bath bomb has bergamont oil, orange flower absolute, neroli oil and rose absolute.

Dashing Santa bath bomb
Ok so again dashing santa is another one of those citrus smelling satsuma bath bombs so at the minute i dont know what I feel about it but i have to say i prefer this one to any other citrus one i have just because the citrus smell is not so strong so i can stand it but i do love the way it looks. This bath bomb includes mandarin oil and bergamont oil.

Melting Snowman bath melt
I can not describe to you how amazing this bath melt smells. It smells that good that im pretty sure i am going to have to buy one or two more. It smells like spicey wonder world. To me it smells exactly how you would expect christmas spiced cookies to smell like. Ok now im making my self hungry haha. This bath melt includes clove leaf oil, cinnamon leaf oil, patchouli oil and sweet orange oil.

So this is my lush haul, I went a bit ham with this one but dont often treat myself to a pampering bath but now i know i can have many luxarious baths as christmas gets nearer.

As always thank you for reading ths post and comment down below what is your favourite and what you will be getting from the lush halloween or christmas collectin.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Heading to college series- What would I change if I could go back?

Hey guys so I have decided to do a GCSE results/ college series were I show you all my experiences from starting at my GCSE results to all the way to college. I hope you enjoy.

Are you happy with your result?

I am one hundred percent happy with my results. I was very surprised to find out I got a C in my English literature as I thought I had down really bad but obviously I didn't do as bad as I thought. I will leave a link to my GCSE results post which will give you more of my thoughts about my results.

What went well?

For me what went well was the extra lessons and exam sessions that my school held during study leave and just before we left. This is because it really helped me realise and focus on the thinks I needed to work on. It gave me extra time to talk to my teachers and get a little extra help and understanding.

What would I change?

If I could go back and redo all my final exams I would definitely listen more to the advice that teachers give. I found it so annoying when they would go on about what you should and shouldn't do when doing your exam. Because I didn't listen it cost me a lot in my exams, especially English language. I know teachers can be annoying when they go on BUT I recommend deeply that you listen carefully to every piece of advice they give because it will really benefit you and help with your exams. Also I would have changed how I had done my coursework. When we had coursework I always left it till the last minute to get it done and that is the worst thing you could possibly do. If I could change my results and what I did I would of made sure every coursework was started and finished as soon as possible which then ensures me that I have finished it but also if I had any spare time I could of added more which would of meant more marks. Thirdly If I could change and redo my exams I would of made sure I listened and did what I was told and not what my friends where told. I got told a lot of things by different teachers about what was what during the weeks leading up to exams and my friends would get told different things because they were in different classes, this made everything confusing for me and it may have affected my exams slightly as I didn't know what to expect. My advice would be to listen to what you have been told by teachers and so on  and not what your friends have been told. Yes I know you love your best friends but sometimes if you want to make sure you succeed then listen to an experienced adult who knows what they are talking about and not your friends. Finally If i could redo my exams I would have made sure my exam revision material was a lot more neater but also I would have made sure I started my really early, preferably at the start of year eleven, this means I could have revised all my topics easily without rushing it. It sounds stupid to start that early but you will be thankful when it gets to study leave as it means you can be assured that you have gone over everything and you can just look back and focus on problem areas closer to exams. 

My Top Ten tricks and Tips for getting through year eleven final exams

1. Get a folder and some dividers, making sure you have enough for every subject you study and keeps sheet and materials that you get in class as these will be useful for revising. You can also store all your own revision notes in there.

2. Create a revision timetables, one for after school hours and one for during the holidays, this will give you a clear routine of revision and allow you to space out far amounts of time to revise each subject you do. Don't forget to add break times in and times were you will be unavailable to revise as free time is as important as revision time. Too much revision time will make you bored and unmotivated which in turn might make you not revise properly.

3. If you have any after school clubs that are being offered by your school definitely head over and make use of the time you will be getting with your teacher as you may be able to get some vital exam info that may not be given out during a lesson. If your school doesn't have any after school sessions or there isn't one for your subject you can always ask your teacher and I am sure they will arrange one.

4. To make revising fun and more relaxing you could organise a day were you and your friends can hang out together and revise together this can allow you to relax ad have someone to talk to who is the same experience as you if you get stuck and it allows to make up fun revision games an quizzes to practise on each other.

5. Make sure you have a healthy diet, exercise regularly and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. This will enable you to have lots of energy to revise which will stop you from being unmotivated and bored and will help your mind keep on track with everything it needs to remember.

6. DON'T FORGET TO HAVE FUN. So many people in my year and past students that I noticed focused on revision and that's it. They would do hours and hours and hours a day of revision and make time for nothing else. You don't need to do this. Doing what you want and having time to do hobbies or even just relax and do nothing is just as important. YOU MUST KEEP SOME TIME TO RELAX.By overloading with revision you will become stressed and that will cause you forget things and not think straight when it comes to doing your exams.


8. Use textbooks to help build your knowledge and go over problem areas.

9. To keep you motivated, create a plan were if you finish an hours worth of revision you get to eat a chocolate or a sweet or keep posters with quotes to keep you motivated and remind you of your goals and what you want to achieve.

10. Keep everything neat and organised. This way revising isn't confusing and you can find anything you need easily without a fuss and you know where everything is placed. I recommend investing in a set of mini draws or a letter organiser so you can store sheets and books neatly on a desk or a set of draws.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.
I will be creating a tab at the top of my blog, next to the contact me button were you can easily access all the episodes to the Heading to college series.
If there is any posts that you would like me to for the series please let me know in the comments below.

Next week the third episode will be up and it will be about my enrolment day experience at collage.

As always don't forget to leave comments and let me know what your experiences have been like with year eleven and GCSE's.

Thank you 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Bomb Cosmetics Review- First Love bath mallow

Hey Guys, so earlier on in the week I posted a haul post of the products I bought from the brand Bomb Cosmetics.
I thought It was only right to do a review on all the products so you can see what they are like and whether they are worth the money and help to make your feel soft and smooth.

Because I bought quite a couple of products I am going to do a review series on them as by the time I have used them all I probably would of forgot what I thought about them by the time I come to write a big long review haha.

So for the first post of the bomb cosmetics I am going to review The 'First Love' bath mallow.

I did buy two of the bath mallows so I probably wont do a review on the over one as it is the same unless it is considerably different.

So first love has a pink base and a blue top that gives the appearance of a mini cupcake which I thing is quite appealing and makes it look really cute.

First thing you notice about these bath mallows is that they smell amazing, there not as strong as the bath blasters but still they have a lovely smell.
Also you only have to hold them for ten seconds and you can feel the butters and oils it has inside of it just melting.

So onto actually putting it into the bath, when I dropped it in it didn't float which was disappointing, I don't know why I found it disappointing it just was haha.
Aside from this it did smell even more amazing when I dropped it in.

When it had just about fully dissolved into the bath water and I stepped in I could feel the oil on my skin straight away.
Some people might not like this but I didn't really mind it, at least my skin is getting a lot of moisture.

I was expecting the water to turn purple because of the mixture of blue and pink but it turned the water a blue colour which looked really nice.

I had a video but it won't upload so I will try again later in the week to upload onto this post xx

Hope you enjoyed this review and make sure you check out The Bomb Cosmetics Website

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My GCSE results experience

Finally, the stress levels decrease, papers are thrown away, huge piles of text books disappear back to where they originally belonged, endless nights of last minute revision subside, the high level nerves from waiting to enter an exam are no more but that gruelling day still waits ahead to determine whether all this actually paid off and what your future is shaped out to be, RESULTS DAY.

A topic that is trending a lot at the minute is Results day and its not just all about GCSE's. A-levels were released the week before and from what I heard everything went pretty well for most people. But not the same could be said for GCSE's exactly. According to reports GCSE grades have risen BUT English grades have decreased and in my case I was probably part of that but I will get onto that later. 
I'm not surprised that results have suffered slightly as my year was the first year to take GCSE exams under new changes by the government and I am the first year to be told that we now have to stay in education till we are 18. Yes it does mean people are likely to be better educated when applying for jobs and it stops teen staying at home, doing nothing but it does make the processing of passing and getting good results a lot harder especially as the exam boards are going to be a lot harsher when awarding results on the exam papers.

I wanted to show you my results and tell you how I feel about GCSE's and what my experience has been like since starting GCSE's in year 10.
I do in advance apologise because I know one or two people my not understand this at all because some country's call things different to what they call them in England say. For example in england year 10 is an american 9th grade.

My Results

Mathematics- C

Additional Science- C

Spanish- E

D & T: Graphic Products- B

English Language- E

English Literature- C

Business Studies- C

Home Economics (Child development)- C

Physical Education (SC)- E

Religious Studies- B

My first thoughts about my results are that I did a lot better then what I felt like I had done when I was actually doing them especially my English. After finishing both my lit and lang exam I thought I had failed both them and wouldn't get a grade any higher then an F so to find out one was a C absolutely surprised the hell out of me and I wouldn't shut up about it for ages after. I was happy that I managed to get a grade higher then a C in my Graphics as it might be able to help me in the career path a want to take and it showed all my revision on that subject paid off. In case you don't know I am wanting a career in fashion design.

So im going to give a further indepth talk about each subject because these are my overall grades so it is my final exam and coursework mixed into one to create my final grade.

Mathematics (Maths)

Maths I really pushed myself to ensure I knew what everything was and how to do everything. The reason for this purely because I knew I was having trouble with my English and I have to get a C grade in both over wise I don't pass so I tried to focus on maths as much as possible as I knew if I did I would have a good chance of passing easily.
And luckily I passed with a C
Now i did take the foundation tier papers instead of higher so the highest mark I could possibly get was a C but I'm just glad I got a C

Additional Science

So for my science I did a higher paper for Biology as it is the one I am pretty good at and then for Chemistry and Physics I did a foundation paper.

For biology I got a C
For Chemistry I got a D
For physics I got a D
For my Practical (Its called an Icer but I don't actually know who to spell it correctly) I got a B


Spanish Unit 1- E
Spanish Unit 2- E
Spanish Unit 3- D
Spanish Unit 4- D

Ya as you can language really isn't my thing.

D & T: Graphic Products

Like with maths I revised a lot for my Graphics exam and my coursework to ensure I could really get a god grade and it did all pay off thanks to my luck.

Graphics exam- B
Graphics coursework- B

I am trying to see if I can get my coursework back, If I do I may do a post on it just showing you my work at the sort of things I had to do.
Let me know down below if you would like that

English Language

English language was probably my worst out of both lit and lang and that was a surprise to me just because I thought I had done better in English language than English literature but obviously I did the complete opposite haha. I have always had slight trouble with my English and I was getting so stressed out with just before exams started so I was expecting a lot worse even though I still didn't pass English language.
So there is three different exams (two are written pieces i think and the last one will be the actual exam).

English language Unit 2 Spk & Lis I don't quite understand but I don't actually have a grade it just says 3 so I don't know haha

English language Unit 1- E

English language Unit- D

English Literature

English Literature I did a lot better at then English language to my surprise because I absolutely detest English literature but there you go.

English Literature Unit 1- D

English Literature Unit 2- C

English Literature Unit 3- C

Business Studies

Business studies I had a funny relationship with because some topics I couldn't stand but others I absolutely loved but still overall I enjoyed Business Studies and my teacher was really good which helped to keep me focused when revising because she helped with any topic I got stuck on, business studies can be really confusing sometimes :L

Business Studies Marketing & Enterprise- C

Business Studies Business & People- B

Business Studies Production, Finance & extra business- C

Child Development

I absolutely love child development, I really enjoyed studying it and for me the exam for child development was the easiest. Even though I love it so much I don't think I would choice it as a career option but at least I have some knowledge and it made a difference to the usual subjects that you learn all the time.

Child development tasks- D

Child development child study task- C

Child development final exam grade- A

Physical Education

I've never been a fan of P.E and that may have added to the reason for my low grade but for me I couldn't care less for P.E and what grade I get. But did get a good grade in my sit down paper exam but for practical the reason is so low is because I had some back issues that cause me to have to stop doing P.E lesson for a while and that happened right when the teachers were marking us for our final grade but again like I said before I couldn't care less for P.E.

P.E Unit 1 (final exam)- B

P.E Unit 2(Practical)- G

Religous Studies (short course)

Again I have never been interested in R.E that much but I have always found I ok when it comes to tests and exam question with it.

R.E Philosophy- B

R.E Ethics- B

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you did your exams this or even a couple of years ago and tell me what your experience was like xx

Sunday, 24 August 2014

My August Playlist

August has been full of organ shaking bass and beats that make you flash back to the happy summer memories that left you dancing your heart out at festivals. 
August is definitely my favourite month for music as most artist are releasing their summer dance tunes and DJ's are working at the best.
This made me want to post a monthly playlist that I share with you guys and hopefully I can introduce you to knew artists and songs or just share the same love. 

Here's my Playlist for august:

1. Oliver Helden x Becky Hill - Gecko (overdrive)
I can not express in words how much I adore this song right now. I love to search you tube also for the bass boosted version, it makes sound even more incredible. 

2. The Chvrches - We sink
I admit, I wasn't that keen on The Chvrches to start with but they grew on me and I love them know, especially at the minute I love their song we sink. I love their sound and I love the rest of the album the song is from.

3. FKAtwigs - Two weeks
OMFG, there is no words for this song apart from F@#KIN AMAZIN

4. Jlo - Booty
You ent heard nothing until you heard this, just trust me 

5. Magic- Rude
I know song isnt really reggae but it just makes me think I am on a summer holiday in barbados. I love that it has a reggae/rock mix and it makes me think of summer straight away, its a good song to sing along to with all your friends haha.

6. Galantis- You
A great song to just to absolutly dance and rave your heart out to, well I have anywhy :D

7. Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, Like Mike- Tremor
Like with The Chvrches, I never used to like any songs of  Martin Garrix but he has grown on me a lot and love every song of his and I think song is perfect for summer 2014.

8. Sigma- Nobody to love
So this summer was my prom and this song is the song that best describes my prom and it will always been known as the prom song to me hahaha. 

9. Robin Schulz & LILLYWOOD- Prayer in C
Again this song is really good to just dance about to and I love it xx

10. Shift k3y- Touch
Love the beat to this song and cant stop listening to it because it is so contagious.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Net a porter favs #2

Bomb Cosmetics haul

Hey Guys, sorry I haven't been on for a while. I had a busy week and then went to Yorkshire to visit family and I got my GCSE results today. I finally decided that I had enough and had to get back into the routine of things.

Today I have a Bomb cosmetics haul, I have been familiar with this brand for while as I have bought soaps and wax melts for burners before. When I went to my step-dads on the weekend and went shopping. I came across a new, little shop in the town that sells Bomb cosmetics, so I couldn't leave without picking some bits up especially as there was an offer on hehe. 

So let me show you what I bought xx

Go follow them on facebook and check out there website

Bath Brulees
These bath brulees are probably what I am most excited to try out as the smell amazing and they just make me want to eat them they smell so good. The ones are I got are Milk and Honey which is on the left and Choc around the clock on the right. These things are so big but it doesn't look like it in the picture but they are. Bomb Cosmetics say they can last you for six baths which I totally can understand because they are that big. These bath brulees are full of moisturising butters so they are prefect if your legs are feeling dry and flaky. This is similar to Lush's bubble bar and bath melt combined into one.


Milk and Honey

Choc around the clock

Bath Blasters
I'm pretty sure you will know what these are but just in case, these are the bath bombs that Bomb cosmetics sell. When I go to lush I always focus on the bath bombs because they are my favourite bath item. The two bath blasters that I got are Ugly Duckling and The land of milk and honey. As you can tell I was on a milk and honey kick by the looks of it when I bought these. My first impression of these are that they smell amazing just like the brulees and they really take special attention to detail and the appearance of the bath blasters. If you check out there website and look at the bath blasters you will notice they have made their bath bombs look really creative and unique. This feel they have done slightly better then lush but still at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what they look like because they will be dissolved by your bath water haha.

Ugly Duckling

The land of milk and honey

Bath mallows and buttercups
Unfortunatly the white buttercup went everywhere so you cant really tell what is what but the yellow and white one is called Lemon express and it is a Bath Mallow, the all white one in a cupcake wrapper is called Coconut Crème and it is a buttercup. Mine got a little mashed during travel but luckily it didn't break hahaha.
The pink and blue one is called First love and it is also a Bath Mallow. I cant stress how much these things smell. They have made my room smell amazing and I can not wait to try all these out. These would probably be similar to lush's bath melts.

Link to First Love on the Bomb Cosmetic website

Link to Coconut Crème on the Bomb Cosmetic website

All in all I wanted to do was try these products and see if I could prefer them to lush. My reason for this is because as much as lush is fairly cheap with some of their products and they tend to use all natural products and hand make everything. I still think they are a bit too much and Bomb Cosmetics are cheaper and have all the same principles as lush. I had search off their website, giving it a good read through and checking out all the products they sell and all the ingredients they use in their products and I came a across this little section in their about page that really does give you the feeling they care about the world and care for the people that buy their products. I have to include to show you what they are trying to do when selling their products.

They also give an paragraph below this on their website all about their company but just reading this gives me confidence that I know this brand is good for my skin but also is good for the world and it wont harm any living thing in the process. 

I did notice that they don't seem to use as many natural products as lush but they still try keeping it to a minimal which for me is perfectly fine. 

I definitely recommend you purchasing some items from their or you can find your nearest retailer on their website.
As of yet I haven't tried any of these products but like I said before I have tried their soaps and wax melts and fell in love with them so I have high expectations for these bath products. I also noticed on their website, when you click on a product you will find reviews left by other people that have tried the product and as of yet I haven't come across a bad comment so if you are unsure always see what people have said. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment below on what your favourite product was, also if you have tried any products from Bomb Cosmetics let me know what your opinions where on it.

Again I am sorry for not posting for a while, I have been super busy especially with my GCSE results and my new collage.

Thank you xxxx